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Tuesday, 17 February 2009
**Waldorf dolls are also known as 'Steiner Dolls' after the fellow who developed the Waldorf style and phiolosophy of education.

With hundreds of dolls to choose from on the commercial market~ dolls that walk and talk and get a fever and sing and eat... doll so of every colour and shape and size, why a Waldorf doll?

Because they are simple.

With their natural looking cotton skin, wool stuffed bodies and simple, even featureless faces, these dolls stand apart in the childhood world of plastic babies. Made with old world doll making skills and made by hand each doll is one of a kind.Their wool bodies warm up in a child's arms and take on the familiar scents around them. Their simple faces allow the child to determine emotions and to employ their imagination (vs. Susy Talksalot who determines the play with her battery operated chatter). They feel *real* instead of cold and hard (and stinky!). If you drop them they don't bounce or clunk. Their heads don't fall off and their arms and legs can bend, even if it is just a little. Cuddling a Waldorf Doll is much more comfortable than avoiding a kidney jab from a plastic dolly!

There are many talented dollmakers out there, our own 'Sarah' a 16" big girl style doll is from Joyce at Hillcountry Dollmaker, and the Naturalkids Team on Etsy is proud to have a number of wonderful makers on our team.

Dolls can be purchased ready made, or custom with features such as button jointed limbs, weighted bodies, specific hair colour, race, gender and size.

Waldorf dolls make wonderful bonding dolls for infants and toddlers and are wonderful for boys (yes, every dboy should have a doll!).

1. 15" Moonchild Waldorf Doll w/ Wool Barrettes, 2. I3 inch waldorf doll, 3. Coco, 4. cousin 2, 5. Mini-Baby-bones, 6. Root Children Dolls according to waldorf pedagogy, 7. Friendship Doll, 8. Oskar, 9. Narcis


Laura said...

I am in love. Now I just need to find the right reason to explain why I at 41 need to start collecting dolls.

Sue said...

Great post!
Waldorf inspired dolls are really special and each child should have one.
Thank you for including one of my Mini Babies in the pictures!

Unknown said...

Oh Laura~ you need one! I bought one for Rowan at Christmas and she doesn't want her (she has her Puppy) so she is becoming mine and I figure I'll just admit she IS mine, since I keep buying her clothes LOL

waldorf London said...

I love them :D The doll in the middle is my favourite. Waldorf dolls are so sweet. When I was a child I dreamed for one but I didn't know how can I make it.

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