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Friday, 27 February 2009
This winter, my husband has taken an interest in feeding the birds. As we live on the lake, we have not had much luck with bird feeders in the warmer seasons since all we attract are ducks and starlings, the occassional seagull or robin. Although our townsfolk have a wide variety of birds (and deer and bears!), we just get ducks. And the geese, lord, the Canada Geese.

Although we do enjoy the redwing blackbirds in spring and summer. And there was the day when a visiting friend said "You have a horse in your yard"~ the horse was a young moose who left our place and ran along the shore startling the children in the beach playground as he ran through the swings.

So, this winter, being a littl emore faithful and creative with feeders, we are enjoying the chickadees and woodpeckers and blue jays~ but especially the redpolls. Apparently they are a hearty breed of finch who can tolerate extreme cold *as long* as they eat a lot and regularly.These are a few photos I took today of the redpoll party in the back yard (it was -20 C).


Sue said...

Great pictures!
We had those in Alberta in the winter as well. I loved watching birds in the winter. A welcome change when flocks of different birds visit.

landcuckoo said...

What a great collection of birds you have there. -20! Puts our cold spell to shame. Have a lovely weekend, I'm off to have a look at the rest of your blog, am being enticed by those lovely fabrics there......
Take care

FairiesNest said...

Great phots! We had a yellow bellied sap sucker (really!) at our feeder this morning for the first time. We were so excited we forgot to take pictures. :)

WoolPets said...

Birds are so great to watch! Nice photos! fallm

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