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Tuesday, 3 February 2009
My husband will probably never tell another story within my hearing.

I lost my voice this past weekend, and Sunday afternoon, while we were sharing a little family time all curled up in the winter sunshine, Rowan wanted a story.

Usually I tell the stories. Now, I am no Dr. Seuss, but I'll do.
Jacques and Fifi's (the French Poodles) fateful journey to the Eiffel Tower is a classic around here.
But no voice = no story.

So, with much coaxing, Andy agreed to tell the story.
A little background: Andy worked for 18 years in community news as a journalist, covering many local news and politics stories, including the ins and outs of town councils.

Throughout the ensuing story, Rowan kept looking at me with a 'get-a-load-of-this-guy' look and a giggle. I behaved myself.

The upshot of it was that George the Elephant ate tacos in town every week.
Then he went to the town fountain to drink (the motive being thirst from the tacos, but this connection was not made by the three year old listener).
The town council got upset with George and held some meetings.
On the third Thursday.
They told George to cease and desist.
So he drank from the town pool (which frustrated Rowan as she knows pool water is not drinkable~ but Daddy would not be dissuaded).
And the town council met again and made George his own watering spot.
And someone (not sure who) gave him a 50% off coupon for tacos.

When it got to the taco coupon, we lost it. Hilarity ensued.
Seriously, a coupon?
Talk about your gripping plot lines for the preschool set~ tacos, town meetings and coupons.

Thank goodness Andy saw the humour, and I have to say I am still giggling about it.
I also have to say I am stuck being the family storyteller, so I better shape up.
Maybe a riveting tale about Alphonse the Monkey and his unfortunate misreading of the grocery flyer or his jaywalking ticket.


Sue said...

Fantastic! :0)
I could just picture your and Rowan's face while your husband was telling the story.
Too funny...

Campbell Jane said...

Very funny! Cool elephant picture!

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