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Wednesday, 11 February 2009
I am so glad we are taking Rowan to music classes (note: sarcasm).
I mean, it is wonderful that she goes and enjoys singing with her little friends and learning about rhythms and notes and such (ie piano = quiet, forte = loud).
I especially love that my 3.5 year old can now boss me around in musical terms.

Oh ya.

I am innocently standing at the kitchen counter.
Rowan is in the next room.
She leans around the door frame and demands 'attention':
"I need attention!"
"That means be quiet."
She goes back about her business.
I didn't move, I definitely didn't make noise.
Head pops around again.
"Mommy! piano!"
"piano Mommy, not forte. piano."

Well, alright then.
Obviously those classes are worth every penny.


Monica said...

I am over the moon for Ro....she and Em are peas in a pod...we're in so much trouble Lori...that...and we must make a point of getting our girls together at some time. They may rule the free world some day in the future. ROFL!!

Unknown said...

I would love to get together, though the world may not be ready for these two united! We'd have to bury the car keys and take shifts, never sleeping!

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