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Sunday, 8 March 2009
Today is a lovely, sunny day typical of this time of year. But the wind off the lake, also typically, is very cold. Combine this with honeycombed ice, melting snowbanks, salty sidewalks and a yard full of winter presents from the dog and outdoor play is a challenge. We have a nice sunny bathroom, and in search of a novel activity, I set Rowan up in the dry tub with her paints and brushes. The only rule was 'not on the shower curtain'. She has happily passed an hour painting the tub walls and calling for a rinse when her canvas was covered (while I spun up some fiber for a new kid's purse design). Before rinsing each masterpiece, we took a piece of newsprint and pressed it against the art work to save an impression for our art line. Note: the first piece made the best impression as leftover water on the surfaces made the others a little runnier.She is now happily up to her neck in bubbles rinsing away the last of her art project (an activity that could easily stretch into another hour if we don't mind a shriveled prune for a child)!


Marci Simonini said...

Oh I love this idea, a combination of creative freedom and semi-controlled mess.

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