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Thursday, 19 March 2009
I am only 35.

But I feel like my grandma when my mom would get out the video camera in the 80s and Grandma would stand still and pose with a cheesy grin for the 'picture'.

My 23 year old sister has informed me that our mother texts better than I do. So she couldn't make sense of 'hummus needpodcast fing thing 2'. *I* knew exactly what I meant!

I bought myself an iPod nano. She is orange and her name is Clementine. And when I plugged it (er, her) in to my computer, she got filled up with the music on my computer (which admittedly I didn't even know was there, that is hubby's department). Yes, I have an iPod and my music consists of: Roger Miller (King of the Road, Dang Me and more!), Raffi (x3 albums) and "I'm Spending Christmas with a Dalek" by the GoGos.


Since then I have managed to find some music, a book and a few podcasts. If you have favourites, I'd love to hear, especially the podcasts (minus the hummus).


FairiesNest said...

You're way ahead of ipod and if I did I'd be lost with how to put anything on it. I do love Neko Case and just got her new CD which I will listen to on my ancient player.:)
"I'm Spending Christmas with a Dalek"LOL!

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