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Tuesday, 17 March 2009
Yes, I have a problem. A wonderful exploding wooly problem.
The problem is that the leaning tower of wool was taking over our rec room and my innate desite to organize was being muffled by limited space.

I kept trying to make it look smaller than it was, to stuff things into drawers and boxes and hope no one would know the extent of my problem.

But no matter how good you are at making big things look smaller (!) it is pretty darn hard to hide ten pound boxes of wool on an end table measuring 2 x 3'.
So I gave in and turned over one wall of our dining room/ sunroom to the addiction.

And we are all much happier!
Now I just take a basket, shop the wares and fill it with what I might need and then put it back away when the project is done. I can see what I have without unpacking everything else. I have finally admitted that this is a big part of my life and I am letting it all hang out! Woohoo!

And the best part? There is so much more space to FILL!


Laura said...

I want your stash!! I have 4 rubbermade box's that I pull out and paw threw every day I need to take a page from your book and get organized.
Do you use the Silk and Bamboo for needle felting?
Do you belong to the Felting forum? They are doing a fiber swap soon and your stash made me think of that. :)

My favorite line of your blog:

I kept trying to make it look smaller than it was, to stuff things into drawers and boxes and hope no one would know the extent of my problem.

LOL We must be sisters. :)

Marci Simonini said...

I want your stash too! I love to see other people's stashes and work spaces, thanks for sharing. You are not alone in your "addiction".

Unknown said...

Glad I am not alone!
I just finally gave in and realized I needed to organize it and make it useful!
I use a little silk and bamboo for accents, yep, esp. the silk!
Wit it so open I have to keep it neat , which is a good discipline, too!
I'll have to check in at the felting forum, I haven't in a whiel!

Anonymous said...

Wish my stash would fit somewhere that tidily! Mine is in desperate need for organisation. Interesting to see you have huge amounts of yellow - I have very little for some reason, just no need for it!

Unknown said...

The yellow~ is 1.5 lbs because I can't keep it in the house for those darn baby chick balls LOL I know if you take that away, yellow is the colour I have the least of.

Nova said...

oo lovely! y'know it usually looks a lot less cluttered to let stuff have the space it needs rather than cramming it into a smaller space, weird huh :)

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