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Friday, 6 March 2009
Today was the World Day of Prayer with a focus on Papua-New Guinea (did you know they have over 800 languages and 1000 cultures, wow!) and the work of women there for justice and against poverty and oppression.

My task (volunteered) was to bring some sweet potato snacks to the luncheon following the service.

With my usual aplomb, I purchased the yams yesterday morning, presented them to Andy with the request for sweet potato chips. The man can cook!

So here is what he did:
  • Sliced yams very thinly (now asking for a mandolin slicer LOL)
  • heated the oil in a deep pan and dropped in the sliced yams
  • let them cook until a deep golden colour began to bloom on them
  • removed to a layer of paper towel to drain, sprinkled with paprika and sea salt
  • some experimentation was needed to get temps/ times just right and ensure a crispy chip
And they were a mega-hit with the (mostly) senior ladies I thought might turn up their noses~ they kept returning to the bowl until they were gone and asking for the recipe. I know we are going to make some more this weekend (we thought we'd have leftovers, LOL).

I am not sure that they were very representative of the food from PNG, but they were tasty!


Laura said...

Yummy. I would love to make them but I would not even attempt without the mandolin. You have me ready to Google Papua New Guinea off to read up. Have a nice weekend.

Sue said...

Uhhh... sounds good! :0)
We will have to try them some time.

My hubby is an amazing cook as well!!! Don't you love it??
I sure do.
Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

They sound good, I'm sure the boys would love them! think I'll use a cheese slicer though! SIL lived in PNG years ago and she and my brother are planning a trip back soon, it sounds like an AMAZING place!

Did you use sweet potatoes or yams though???

Unknown said...

Give them a try! Actually we used yams (in Canda it is mostly yams we get and use interchangeably with sweet potatoes, though I don't think we usually get reall sweet potatoes in the boonies LOL)

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