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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009
I am working on stocking more Twirligigs™ for Easter. What is it? Basically a silk streamer on a wand... but with a few BTRT touches.

We use a 5' silk streamer that is 12" wide~ this prevents the tangling and knotting sometimes found in the thin streamers traditionally used, making it a great toy for toddlers who can't handle the trip factor like the bigger kids can. Add lightweight but durable hardware that allows the silk to swivel (again to prevent tangling). Finally, a sturdy 12" wand is added~ hand painted to match the silk and sealed with a water based/ non-toxic finish.

We love 'em. Since they don't work if you don't move, they are a wonderful toy for encouraging dancing, running, spinning and burning up some of that kid energy indoors or out.

I am always a little slow getting these out because they require sewing and while I can sew (used to have a dog collar business, quilt etc.) I am staunchly keeping my machine away~ every time I take it out to do these I think... 'oh, I should get some fabric and..." that way lies insanity! BUt I have a batch done and will have more in the next few weeks for Easter!

The pieces that are currently finished will be stocked at ::FRESH:: on Monday, March 9th. And there is one rainbow twirler in stock now at Etsy.


angela said...

Beautiful! Can't wait for some warmer weather. Our little one will love these--someday.

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Abbie saw Rowan's picture, and said "wow, a princess!"

She's just gorgeous!

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