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Tuesday, 7 April 2009
Thanks to Laura at I Can Make That for a great idea! I even have some ideas from her ten things in mine~ because her list made me think of happy things!
  1. Being wakened by daughter's kisses and the ritual 'Good morning Mommy_____' (fill in the creature) to which I must reply 'Good Morning Baby Cat/dog/Apatosaurus' and the role play begins.
  2. A trashy novel~ historical, Fabio-look-alike on the cover, cost less than a quarter, picked up from a rummage sale somewhere. Perfect mindless reading for drifting off to sleep.
  3. Listing new photos on Flickr always gives me a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Preaching.
  5. Lying in bed at night and looking out the window at the moon on the lake and the stars, watching the constellations shift from season to season out my window.
  6. A hot shower when I have time to enjoy it and neither dog nor child sticking their head around the curtain for something.
  7. Clean laundry. A rarity, but I love to open the drawer or closet and have every choice available.
  8. Fiber~ feeling it in my hands at that starting point of a new project when I haven't yet decided *what* to make and I am just waiting for inspiration.
  9. Mail. We do almost all of our shopping other than household/groceries online so going to get the mail is a daily ritual of expectation and satisfaction.
  10. Sitting in the sunshine of a late afternoon, after work, and reading stories with Rowan. The closeness of physcial contact reconnects us and the stories are a shared experience of imagination and discovery. Even better when spring comes and we can do it on the front porch.
This is good for the soul, I'll have to do it again. How about you? Link us up!


Laura said...

Reading nonsense has to be some of the greatest therapy. I saw on the news the other day that during the recession the sale of romance 's has gone up, I thought well no duh people. ;)
I want a lake to look out at. :)

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