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Tuesday, 7 April 2009
In a recent conversation somewhere on the interwebz someone suggested that no kid today would choose a natural/ handmade toy over a store bought plastic toy. Their point was that the kids don't have the imagination or desire to play imaginatively (any more)... and that is so... sad. And perhaps for all those kids hooked on their screens, it is true.

BUT. Every child has the ability. Every child has an imagination. And as parents and friends of children we can encourage and support imaginative play. If children don't know the alternatives we can't simply dismiss them!

If you have a child or know a child who needs to get in touch with their creative and playful spirit, there is a whole group of artists and artisans creating gorgeous, handmade, natural toys that are 100% imagination powered.

If you shop on Etsy use 'naturalkids team' as a search tag, or start at the Natural Kids Store which will hook you up with many wonderful toys.


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Today's toys have created passive kids. It is very sad to see kids that don't know what to do if an items doesn't buzz, flicker, or flash. The attention spans have suffered because of it.

Kudos to you and your beautiful products.

Kim Caro said...

i think too much tv kills imagination little by little and electronic toys...but not completely

Unknown said...

I agree, the spark is still there, but the parents give up, too.

Julie said...

That is so sad. My kids are the opposite and don't know how to "play" with elctronic type toys. My mother-in-law bought my two yr old an Elmo Live for her birthday. While my girls were amused by it at first they quickly grew bored with just watching him talk and dance and decided to give him a bath. I walked to find him halfway submerged in their play tub. he doesn't talk and dance now. A very happy accident:)

Anonymous said...

bah, i don't believe that for a second. just give em a box! Coincidentally, works for cats too. :)

Laura said...

They are so wrong thecraftbegins is right give em a box! All kids still love to play with box's and if they can love a box they can love natural handmade toys. Seems like it is easier for some parents to buy junk for their kids and let them go play. The real task is to engage your children in wonderful things and watch their imagination go to work. Great post. :)

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