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Saturday, 11 April 2009
If people want to support handmade, why do they want artisans to make copies of licensed characters and images?!

This one drives me a little nuts.

So... someone wants to support handmade. And they really love Mickey Mouse. So they figure it is *better* to buy Mickey made by hand by some sweet mama in her home than to buy it from Disney.

But~ in doing so they are supporting the theft (in many cases) (albeit unintentionally) of copyright materials for profit. And I know that many people who do children's items get asked to recreate copyright images and characters on a regular basis and lose sales if they won't do it.

So... how is this supporting handmade, exactly? It is still saying we want what the big corporations are making, we still buy into their marketing. And personally, I think if you ant Mickey, or Dora or Nintendo, then you pay their creators and owners their due.

To *me* supporting handmade means supporting the artisan to create what *they* create~ their own art and expressions~ to support the whole artist. Not to use them as a conduit for stickin' it to the man and paying lip service to buying handmade.

Who is with me?!


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I agree 100%.
I also like artist created items/characters better because there isn't a preconceived notion of how a character "acts", so the child can better use his/her imagination when playing. The way Susie plays with, let's say, a felted ladybug might differ from how Laura does. Mickey Mouse, however, is Mickey Mouse.

Sue said...

I'm 100% with you on this!
Great post Lori!

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