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Tuesday, 14 April 2009
We had a rough day today.

Rowan has not been able to bear weight on her right leg since Saturday~ without warning she collapsed in pain ~ missed a long awaited birthday party (that breaks my heart)~ and is still unable to bear weight. The long and short of it is she has synovitis, an inflammation of the hip joint sheath. It should resolve in a few more days and she is not sick with it~ happy, crawling about, just can't walk.

But she had to have an xray, ultrasound and bloodwork.
We had good success with play acting the various procedures and staying connected by talking about feelings and fears~ so on the whole I feel good that my sensitive kid and I made it through with more smiles than tears. But it sure is hard on a mama's heart!

A couple of months ago I had Ro with me for a doctor's appointment and I had to have blood taken. I explained it all to her and she watched quietly. When we left the lab she broke down crying and started to wail "I don't want you to have holes in you". She was genuinely distressed and it took some effort to calm her.

So my trepidation was high when they mentioned the bloodwork today, but we got through it with assurances that the hole would heal IMMEDIATELY and thankfully she accepted them with a minimum of tears.

The world can be a scary place for little ones and today my heart goes out to all the parents and the children who deal with hospitals and illness and needles on regular basis~ with fervent prayers that the holes heal and the hearts stay strong.


Laura said...

Poor Rowan. I am glad to hear she is handeling it well. I have to give you good mommy points for talking it all out with her. When my son was 4 he fractured his arm. While on the way to the hospital I thought I was explaining everything to him so well. So, I guess I was not super clear on the X-ray and how it worked because about 5 minutes after I explained it a small voice asked me " Mommy will it hurt when they cut me open to take pictures of my bones?" Oh wow did I feel bad.

Shadow said...

Aww bless her. I hope full recovery is swift and she's over it all quickly.

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