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Thursday, 14 May 2009
Rowan received a digital camera for Christmas from family. She takes an interest in it on and off, and until today, we have never actually downloaded her pictures.

Once I removed about 200 white blurry ghost shots, we had some real gems.

Yesterday we walked downtown (with camera in hand) and it was a revelation for me~ to see what she sees, what catches her eye, what are the landmarks of importance in her world. While I grew impatient with stopping to photograph grease spots and weeds and ant holes, she was excited to have a way to capture the highlights of this routine journey. The images are mundane on one hand, but precious on the other as they represent her own emerging point of view.

I have left out the numerous geurilla shots of townsfolk to protect the innocent and surprised!

Here are a few:
Twig (one of a series of shots of the same twig):The 'fish sign' (blurred) that marks the beginning of the 'hand holding' parking lot (Ro can run freely until this point).Bush we have been watching come into bud and leaf:
Postal counter from child's height:Pseudoephedrine warning sign (this one makes me giggle!):

The BP machine~ alternately spaceship console, farmer's desk and doctor's office. Miraculously in 3.5 years she has NEVER touched the green button, only the red, as directed (wow!):Beloved rocks in front of the lawyer's office:
Favourite flower bed to balance along:
Give your kid a camera (with supervision!)~ I'd love to see what they see!


Laura said...

Giving a child a camera and then doing something with the pictures is a wonderful thing. I enjoyed seeing the world from Rowans eyes. :)

leeleeoh7 said...

how precious! i often allow my boyfriend's daughter (age 6) to play with my camera phone...I'll have to post some of the pictures she's taken =) Thanks for the inspiration and the glimpse into your daughter's mind =)

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