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Wednesday, 6 May 2009
It is too early to do much but we made our spring acquaintance with Veronica, Daisy, Sage, Pansy and Susan.

We can expect frost, even snow, yet.
But when the nice weather hits, you've just GOT to get into the garden!

Now, I am a lazy gardener, love me some hardy perennials! But today I made a rare buy of annuals, mostly compelled by images of mother and daughter planting together in harmony (before the black flies arrive for the best part of the season!). We snagged a flat of hardened off pansies in an array of rich colours for our front flower bed.

Little did I know that my bug loving, puddle splashing daughter would have an aversion to getting her hands dirty, er, soil-y, soiled(?)! Sure, she'll pick up the *shiver* centipide crawling over my trowel, but won't touch the soil. Thank goodness we bought matcing $2 trowels at the hardware store! (Ugh, I need a haircut and well, ugh, but here I am!)So, with me doing most of the work and Rowan spreading the soil about with her trowel, generally OFF of the pansies I just planted, we achieved our goal~ some colour in the garden~ if not my vision of blissful harmony!
Next project: a cherry tomato plant for Rowan to take care of this summer.

[The one good thing about Ro not digging in was she stayed relatively clean as we ran out of time for a bath. She sulked about missing her bath and worried she would get dirtier overnight. I said I doubted she would get dirty in bed. She thought about it. "Well, if Briar (the dog) came and pooped on it..." So I promised that should our 11 year old, completely housetrained dog who never enters her room at night choose TONIGHT to go in and poop ON Rowan in bed, she could have a bath in the night. I think I am safe. But stranger things have happened!].


WoolPets said...

You both look like you're having a great time! I love the bottom photo; her little hand on your shoulder - so endearing! Thank goodness for caring mammas like you!

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Great photos! I love working out in the garden with my little ones. Nothing quite like it. I love your matching outfits, too!

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