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Wednesday, 20 May 2009
I have been asked to help with some market research (all will be revealed in time LOL) and I am such a dialogical type~ I need conversation to work things out.
With you, Dear Reader, being in the niche market in question, would you mind lending me your ear and your thoughts (by way of post comments)?

Tshirts/ Onesies.
What do you prefer? What is your buying style when purchasing for babies - age 5?

If a shirt were screenprinted with original art would you prefer...

White, Natural or Coloured shirt (bright or pastel?)
Regular cotton or Organic?
Does location of production matter? North America vs. Asia?
if so, does Fair Trade/ ethically made make a difference
in purchasing Asia/ overseas made?

How much do these choices matter? What would you shift on for the right price/ right product?

Considering that the price points will vary significantly on these factors, seeing actual numbers, would you be more likely to purchase a child's tee:

Regular cotton, made in north america $18
Regular cotton, made overseas $15
Organic cotton, made overseas $18
Organic cotton, made in NA (though still likely to be grown overseas!) $24

Any and all thoughts on your process and choices would be MOST welcome and much appreciated!


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I think people love organic, but the cost may put people off! So frustrating, no?

Perhaps the overseas organic?

Good luck!

Laura said...


Coloured bright
North America if not North American then Fair Trade/ ethically made matters a great deal.

I think out of all the price choices 18.00 for regular cotton Made in North America is the one I would feel the best about.

ThreadBeaur said...

I would rather pay $18 for a shirt made in North America. Or if the company could prove that they don't have their employees working in sweat shop conditions, I may consider an overseas purchase. Organic or not, does not really make a big difference for me.

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