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Thursday, 28 May 2009
I have a whole pot full and no one to share it with!

I am not what you would call a cook, so this is the most recipe you will get from this blog!

Around here if I want rhubarb I have to do it myself. My mother and grandmother always cut, froze, stewed and baked with it and we have a nice sized patch in our back yard (which I give away every spring due to the anti-rhubarb vote in this house).

So yesterday we (Ro and I) cut and stewed some~ I thought it was delicious. Rowan said she would eat that when she is a grownup (adding to her long list of things to do when she grows up) and Andy wouldn't go near it.

Cut fresh rhubarb into cubes.

Boil water and dissolve 1/2 c. sugar for 4c. rhubarb

Reduce to simmer and add the rhubarb.

Simmer 15 minutes until the rhubarb is translucent and breaks up with stirring.

I then added natural clover honey and ground cinnamon to taste.

Yummy warm!
If I ate dairy, I am sure it would be delightful over ice cream!


Shadow said...

Oooh rubarb crumble with lots of custard. Mmmmm

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