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Monday, 18 May 2009
What do you think?

Is it Strawberry?!

That is the question around our house this weekend. Last fall we fed a very friendly little chipmunk, and Rowan named him Strawberry. We fully expect he survived a long winter given all the quality seeds he received from our hands, while sitting on our knees and then stashed under our garage!

And lo and behold, who showed up on our porch this weeked? A bold little chipmunk who seems to live in the general area of Strawberry and who is very brave for a newbie.

We are pretty sure he is a sleeker, more mature Strawberry (and Rowan says he is going to find a mommy named Banana and have babies~ which is more accurate than her assertion tonight that our neutered male dog is having babies ~ they are in his tummy, she says ~ why did he eat them? quips daddy).

What do you think?
Last year's chippie (poor quality, sorry!)This year's Strawberry (and upper left image):


angela said...

Oh, he could very well be after a hard winter where he couldn't get to nuts for fear of other animals... we don't have a single grnd squirrel left with a rash of cats around here. Cute pictures.

Campbell Jane said...

He's so pretty. My gramma had one that lived at her house for years. She fed him her stale bisquits every morning. He would come to the door for them.

Unknown said...

ooh! good to know they can be so faithful!

Laura said...

He is a QT no matter who he is. I think it is probably the same one. Now about the ground squirrels, lol I need to get a cat if that is all it takes to keep them away. My dogs are bad at getting rid of them. Ground squirrels have made it impossible for us to have a garden. :(

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