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Sunday, 10 May 2009 a nap.

Another mom and I were discussing this at church this morning~ how what we want for Mother's Day is a break from being a mom. Kind of ironic. I wonder if it is because it is the one day in the year (maybe) when we feel like we can ask for what we really want, no *need* without feeling guilty? I am sure it is partly time of life (preschoolers) ~ I imagine moms of older kids may want to see their kids, not hide from them!

I love my daughter to bits and I am thrilled that she has taken to hugging me and telling me "I love to be with you!". I was over the moon when I received a card from her this week in which she wrote, by herself, , for the very first time, 'Mommy'. I was less than thrilled when she shouted to me in the shower that she was making me a Mother's Day gift and then snapped a pic of me with her little digital camera as I stepped out of the shower (thank goodness she needs *me* to get those pictures off of there!), but I appreciated the depth of her love for me in any state of dress or undress.

But I really, really want a guilt-free nap, sans beloved child.

And you know, when I think about it, my very favourite part of having a nap is the being wakened up by my child~ whether a snuggle, a crowed 'wake up Mommy Cat!' or a 'dog kiss', even (yes, just like a dog!).

So maybe I want to still be a mom today after all!


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