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Friday, 26 June 2009
Today we picked up our adorable, nose nibbling bundle of puppy fur and everyone is in love, even, shockingly, our 11 year old senior dog who has a history of being terrified of puppies.

Archie brings back all those simple joys~ rolling in the long grass, puppy kisses, watching a child and puppy bond over a love of racing with the wind downhill and together.

He also brings back that 'gotta get this done while the baby naps' and 'who is getting up at 5 am when the baby cries feeling', too!

Some preliminary pics of arriving home~

Meeting The Boo on neutral ground:
Bonding with his girl (the sweetest part of the day was when Rowan sung him to sleep this evening after calming him down in his crate saying "Big Sister is here, now" awww):
A little bit of heaven right here on earth:


Love 2 B Inspired said...

OMG..enjoy. I posted pix of my new pup the other day. They are like having another baby. Best Wishes!

Lori P said...

Ah so cute! Puppies and kids...and older loveable dogs...gotta love them all!

Petrinetrollmor said...

I agree :) You are a lucky lady :)

Kunklebaby said...

Awwww! They are so cute together!!

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