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Thursday, 25 June 2009
This has been the chant all day long (except 'breath' is 'breaf'). We are on our way to pick up our new baby! Yay!

Before marriage and child I was a 'dog person' ~ like obedience trainer, competitor, president of the local Kennel Club sort of dog person. Marriage, ageing dogs and child all slowed that down to a quiet appreciation of the joys of the older dog and a mouldering mountain of doggie knowledge tucked away in the stacks of my brain.

I haven't had a puppy in over ten years (except litters of rescue pups raised) and find myself hopping with anticipation of picking up our new baby boy in the morning (and I'll admit the passion for puppy breath is all mine~ Rowan has never smelled it, but it is like catnip for me, that and those sweet puppy grunts!).

After years of dreaming about our next dog, we settled on a breed that still surprises us! I am a sporting dog kind of gal, and love them big~ my puppy dreams run along the lines of lanky pointers and gigantic sighthounds! But tomorrow we pick up our sweet little Shetland Sheepdog in a move that would shock the Kennel Club set of yore (who often heard me complain about 'Sheltie mouth'), they would only be more stunned, I imagine, if I were bringing home a *pfft* (spits) Terrier! LOL

So be prepared for puppy pictures as we bring home Beautiful Archie (the name is another story).


Campbell Jane said...

I'm so glad to hear that you love puppy breath!! I thought I was the only one!! Congratulations on your new bundle of love...the only true love money can buy!

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