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Friday, 12 June 2009
Remember how many times you got asked that question as a child?
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

For myself, from the time I could say the word, the answer was a veterinarian. However a distinct ineptitude in the maths and sciences finally terminated that dream and I ended up somewhere I could not have imagined as a child (ordained minister).

Rowan has one clear and consistent dream: to be a mommy. A mommy of SEVEN children. Her original plan to have them all at once and put the extra cribs in the back yard shifted when I finally explained how one would have to deliver seven children. The next day, she informed me that her 7 children would be borne by her 7 friends. Great friends!

Most often she is going to be a mommy and a doctor, but lately it is a mommy farmer. She has taken to gathering up her chicks in the morning (those pesky little birds hide EVERYWHERE!), feeding her horses (nuts, I admit I giggle every time she says 'horse nuts' I am such a child ~ my favourite was the day she was BEING a horse and we were going through a drive through and she called ut from the back, very loudly, to tell daddy to ask the lady at the window if they have horse nuts) and milking the cows.

Generally, Daddy is the cow and if he gets ornery about being milked, I have taught her just to kick his leg aside and say "Stand still Bessie!". The man doesn't stand a chance around here. Yesterday morning was a particularly good morning for milk and Rowan danced about with her bucket crowing about milking Daddy. The man *really* doesn't stand a chance.

I find it fascinating to see the potential in every child, who knows what the future will bring?


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