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Saturday, 27 June 2009
We have been enjoying working through the Yoga Kids (Marsha Wenig) DVDS # 2 & 3 (ABCs and Silly to Calm).

If you are like me, and your knowledge of Yoga is more theoretical than practical, you will love these DVDS not only for the kids, but for yourself. I often find myself doing 'butterfly breaths' to release anxiety!

Rowan is 3.5 and she is able to follow along. She follows with interest, although many of the moves require more time for her to accomplish than is allotted, so we make good use of the pause button to feel comfortable with the positions before moving on. All of them are physically possible for most 3 year olds, they may just need a little help organizing their limbs!

We have watched each DVD multiple times (they each run 30-40 min.) and Rowan happily stays engaged throughout as they do move through the exercises briskly, but with a combination of children, animated images and songs in an outdoor setting to keep up the interest. Silly to Calm is best watched in one go, while the ABCS can be started and stopped, if one fast forwards and finishes each session with the 'Zig Zag Breathing at the end.

As a child educator in faith I particularly appreciate that these DVDs easily move across all faiths and teach children important concepts like 'om' (oneness) and 'namaste' (greeting the sacred in others and in self) through the movements. Focus on breath and being grounded are excellent skills for all of us.

The 'Silly to Calm' DVD has a number of movements and sequences we have used to work with strong emotions as a family~ a volcano releasing anger and frustration, breathing to calm, gross and fine motor movements to work out fatigue or anxieties.

For our independent preschooler who likes to rush through everything, these DVDs are a wonderful exercise in the importance of slowing down, doing things right and well and being focused on one task at a time. Wait a minute... that is also good for her rushing mother, too!


shellie said...

Yoga rules my daughter just tries to sit on me when i do it! I love richard hittlemans mom and i did yoga from his show in the 70s

Unknown said...

cool! I'll have to check him out! I really love the time together, too!

libu said...

I wish all kids could learn the tie dye shirt!

Anonymous said...

My 2-1/2 yr old's small home daycare uses these dvds with the kids (ages 1-4). They all love it! My little guy comes home and teaches me yoga! :)

And his balance is much better!!

yoga for beginners said...

I do really hope all kids will be learning yoga and achieve its benefits.

learn and stay healthy!

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