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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Saturday, 25 July 2009
This is for a mom of many who wants to thank her midwife for all of her care ~ completely made of wool, needlefelted, approx. 8" tall.
Friday, 24 July 2009
I think that it is impossibly sweet that my almost-4 year old has a romantic attachment to the idea of being married. Mostly to me or her Daddy. And when the thought occurs to her, she asks us to do the 'married dance' with her (somewhere along the line, wedding photo album, I suspect, she got the idea that dancing happens at weddings and this became the substance of a wedding)~ holding hands and dancing together.

Today, she joined me as I lead a wedding rehearsal and she was enthralled with being so close to the real thing. What surprised me, was how teary eyed *I* became watchingt he bride and her mother come down the aisle, with my hand resting on my own daughter's head and feeling all the feelings of that mom and her 30 year old baby.

After the rehearsal, Rowan found her stash of play rings left in my office, and conveniently, we were married. She declared that everyone would see her on the street and know she was married (that would be one explanation for the twirly skirt + tutu + uncombed hair + glamour bracelets and rings in abundance, I suppose).

While walking home in our newly married state, she announced,
"I will have a baby in a sec."
"Yes, I am going to have three babies" (down from her long held plan of seven), "but only have one so far."
"Well, we *were* just married" I noted.
"Yes, but we only have one because we didn't do the married dance more times."


OK, I know she has *no* idea what she is talking about and made a lucky, if off the mark, guess.
And you'll understand that I told her that this is TRUE and that she will not do the married dance with anyone until she is at least 25 and has an education?

After all, that rule goes hand in hand with the 'you cannot have a tattoo until you are 30 and know what kind of work you want to do for a living' ~ which we established *last* week.
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Been away from the keyboard but was thrilled to have a front page item today on Etsy! 'Mice in Love'oooh, very tiny, sorry! Click to view larger... can't fix from here! LOL
Thursday, 16 July 2009
I told Rowan to go ahead and throw THIS at my eye and it worked!
With thanks to the little guy who suggested 'Wonder Cape' ~ I have dubbed the dress up wear 'The Wonder Wearable'~ kooky,maybe, but it is done! LOL
Tuesday, 14 July 2009
I am really excited to be introducing our new line of silk play clothes~ or rather, one item, at least, that is a fashion line unto itself!

Made for the 3+ crowd, these little numbers start as a skirt~ completely reversible and completely customizable in terms of colours. Made of 8 mm (momme) sik with hand rolled hems and decorative waistband stitching (size 18 - 30"), roughly 17" long.

There's more!

This 'skirt' can be worn at the waist as a two layered skirt, or under the arms for an empire waist/ princess look.

And that's not all... (LOL)

Around the neck/ shoulders as a knightly cape. Tuck up the skirt tails in front and leave them long in back for a mermaid, or tuck it all up for a flouncy fairy look. Tuck the tails between the legs and create harem/ sultan pants!Not just for girls! (Just don't call it 'your skirt' to the boy, K?)

OK, I think my pitch is wearing thin. I am just really excited about the versatility of these 'items' (I *really* need a good name, suggestions welcome!) because while there is some minimal structure, they maintain the spirit of playsilks, which is open ended, allowing the child to determine the play.

Stocking soon in our Etsy Shop.
Sunday, 12 July 2009
Blog readers will know I am passionate about playsilks ~ simple, natural open-ended toys with endless possibilities! But one thing I love about silk, even more, is its incredible versatility. We have a whole bin full or our own silks and it is amazing how often I snag them when nothing else will quite do.

Jazz up an outfit. Cover a table. Sling a new puppy. Tie back a curtain or your hair. Wrap a gift. Fill a basket. Hide a mess.... This weekend we dyed one to be the 'sky' inside my daughter's new outdoor playhouse.

I also love to use various colours of silks as backdrops/ backgrounds for taking product photos. The silk photographs so beautifully, whether smoothed out or draped and gathered to best highlight your items. A few other reasons to consider silks, even if not for play (though you can play with them, too, no one will mind!):
  • A beautifully custom dyed silk to match your items or your shop colours can help with branding by making your photos stand out and connect to one another.
  • Most items that make the Front Page of Etsy have solid backgrounds, shot in macro and silk shows up beautifully in fine detail without overwhelming your product.
  • Use silks on your table at craft shows to draw the eye and help your booth stand out~ whether a variety of 35" silks swirled and draped, or a large 4 x 6' canopy as a tablecloth...
  • colourful flags for an outdoor booth
Product photos:Photo Backdrop set for an herbalist:My own booth at a (rare for me) craft show~ maybe brighter than most would prefer, but it works for me (and my silks were for sale LOL)!Custom orders are always welcome and I always have a variety of sizes in stock. So why not take a peek and think about freshening up your photos and booth with some well placed, natural, renewable silk?
Saturday, 11 July 2009
Natural toys allow a child's hands to touch and feel nature's wonder within their grasp. Today I wanted to share some of the wooden delights created by the Natural Kids Team on Etsy (search: naturalkids team for copious natural delights!).

Made of the ultimate renewable resource, all of these toys are dyed or painted with non-toxic colours and sealed safely (many with natural oils or beeswax). They are safe, tough and beautiful and the variety is endless!

Reading left to right...
1. Mama Roots
2. You're Inspired
3. Imagination Kids
4. Maple Shade Kids
5. Wee Wood Naturals
6. Pretty Dreamer
7. Mama Kopp
8. Beneath the Rowan Tree
9. The Fairy Ring
Wednesday, 8 July 2009
::FRESH:: stocks tomorrow on Hyena Cart at 9 am and 9 pm.

I am working on some letter art for the stocking ~ each is 5" square on a sturdy base of recycled wool (completely covered with new wool). There is one custom slot which can be used for multiple letters, a single monogram, or even a name banner...
Tuesday, 7 July 2009
OK, I am lagging on the sushi post LOL
But in the meantime *cue elevator/ phone on hold music* here are a few pictures from the one day of sun in the last 10~ Sunday. And Rowan in the outfit she chose and wore to church int he morning!
Sunday, 5 July 2009
This Saturday we decided to take a virtual trip to Japan in honour of my sister's upcoming Rotary exchange.
It was sort of spur-of-the-moment-we-actually-have-an-afternoon-free but thank goodness for Google!

We planned a meal of sushi (I'll blog about that part tomorrow) and wanted to add some other elements to it that would appeal to a preschooler...

So we went through mommy's (admittedly vast *blush*) craft supplies and came up with enough pretty paper to make some of the wonderfully simple origami patterns as found at the Origami Instructions website, in the kids' section. At almost-4 Rowan was able to follow the pictoral directions for orienting her paper and with help getting the folds in place, could crease them suitably for the activity. We used 12" scrapbook paper cut into 6 x 6" square pieces for each creation and decorated with crayons (we love our 'Close to My Heart' Watercolor Crayons, they rock for blending and coloring!).

While we worked we listened to some traditional Japanese music (google, again!) and talked about some of the traditions and geography of the country~ as well as, Rowan being Daddy's girl, Godzilla!

I was going to tell Rowan the story about Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes, but that was met with a 'no thanks, Mommy'. Well.

Once we had completed our origami projects we moved on to making paper fans to fan our sushi rice and for decoration on our table. These are pretty rough, but they have lots of potential for prettying up!
  • Cardstock, cut into 'rainbows' roughly 7" wide and 4" tall.
  • Popsicle/ craft sticks
  • white glue (we used 'Tacky Glue' for extra hold)
  • tissue paper (we used patterned decoupage paper I had stashed away, any tissue would do)
  • scissors to cut out and trim the fans.
  1. Cut out your 'rainbows', one for each fan.
  2. Tear or cut your tissue paper into small pieces (smaller for a longer craft/ attention span) and cover the front side of the fan with a collage of tissue paper, this creates a rice paper effect and is very easy even for toddlers. Be sure to help younger ones secure down all corners of their paper, don't worry about overhanging paper.
  3. Trim the overhanging paper edges of the fan.
  4. On the back, glue down 3-4 craft sticks like spokes on the fan~ spread along the edge of the fan and stacked together at the base of the handle.
  5. Embellish with ribbon or tassels, or keep it simple (like we did because our rice was ready for making sushi!) Older children may enjoy finding and copying/ tracing Japanese symbols or letters on their fans.
Together, both of these crafts took about 1.5 hours and could have taken much more (Rowan wanted to do more origami)~ great for a rainy afternoon!

Check back tomorrow for the sushi making (oh my.).
Wednesday, 1 July 2009
It makes my heart so joyful to see Rowan bonding with our new pup.

After a few rough days of jealousy ~ Rowan acting out in ways I have never seen including writing all over the front porch (walls, shoes, her bike, door) with chalk, writing in one of my books, running away outside (major no-no with lake out back), and even peeing on the floor 'like a puppy' (oi.)~ they are starting to seek each other out for play and company.

Archie had his first couple of lessons today and is already 'offering' sits for rewards and using a gentler mouth for receiving them. It is day five at home and we haven't had an accident inside for two days and he nows to go to the door and to return to the house once he is done his business. Whew.

So far two of the main reasons for choosing the breed (Shetland Sheepdog): trainability and desire to please/ stick close to pack (herd!) are showing strongly. Yay! now if I can just get used to a dog that constantly circles my feet when I am trying to move ~ it is amazing that at 8 weeks the herding instinct is so strong (and he doesn't come from working lines, either!).
Happy Canada Day!
Here are a few patriotic treasures from some of my favourite Canadian sellers.
Our commnity celebrated on Saturday with parade and games and frieworks, so we are just lying low this rainy holiday.
From thelittlereddoor :From Nova Scotia artist aliceinparis:From loopyforewe (these beanies are awesome, we love ours!):Oh my cuteness, I hope the baby comes with the hat! From Mad About Colour in NB along the Fundy shore where my favourite beach is~ St. Martin's!:
And finally, one of my favourite suppliers, dyeingforcolour:
Have a great day,Canadians and all!
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