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Sunday, 12 July 2009
Blog readers will know I am passionate about playsilks ~ simple, natural open-ended toys with endless possibilities! But one thing I love about silk, even more, is its incredible versatility. We have a whole bin full or our own silks and it is amazing how often I snag them when nothing else will quite do.

Jazz up an outfit. Cover a table. Sling a new puppy. Tie back a curtain or your hair. Wrap a gift. Fill a basket. Hide a mess.... This weekend we dyed one to be the 'sky' inside my daughter's new outdoor playhouse.

I also love to use various colours of silks as backdrops/ backgrounds for taking product photos. The silk photographs so beautifully, whether smoothed out or draped and gathered to best highlight your items. A few other reasons to consider silks, even if not for play (though you can play with them, too, no one will mind!):
  • A beautifully custom dyed silk to match your items or your shop colours can help with branding by making your photos stand out and connect to one another.
  • Most items that make the Front Page of Etsy have solid backgrounds, shot in macro and silk shows up beautifully in fine detail without overwhelming your product.
  • Use silks on your table at craft shows to draw the eye and help your booth stand out~ whether a variety of 35" silks swirled and draped, or a large 4 x 6' canopy as a tablecloth...
  • colourful flags for an outdoor booth
Product photos:Photo Backdrop set for an herbalist:My own booth at a (rare for me) craft show~ maybe brighter than most would prefer, but it works for me (and my silks were for sale LOL)!Custom orders are always welcome and I always have a variety of sizes in stock. So why not take a peek and think about freshening up your photos and booth with some well placed, natural, renewable silk?


Bonzai Beadwear said...

what a beautiful booth! love all the colors!

Eye Shutter to Think said...

Wonderful post!! Your blog is excellent.

Curtis Collectables :) said...

I love your booth. Great colors. I have silk sheets and I love them. Haha. Not quite the same but close.

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