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Wednesday, 1 July 2009
It makes my heart so joyful to see Rowan bonding with our new pup.

After a few rough days of jealousy ~ Rowan acting out in ways I have never seen including writing all over the front porch (walls, shoes, her bike, door) with chalk, writing in one of my books, running away outside (major no-no with lake out back), and even peeing on the floor 'like a puppy' (oi.)~ they are starting to seek each other out for play and company.

Archie had his first couple of lessons today and is already 'offering' sits for rewards and using a gentler mouth for receiving them. It is day five at home and we haven't had an accident inside for two days and he nows to go to the door and to return to the house once he is done his business. Whew.

So far two of the main reasons for choosing the breed (Shetland Sheepdog): trainability and desire to please/ stick close to pack (herd!) are showing strongly. Yay! now if I can just get used to a dog that constantly circles my feet when I am trying to move ~ it is amazing that at 8 weeks the herding instinct is so strong (and he doesn't come from working lines, either!).


Sue said...

What a cutie he is !Puppies are so much fun and with a puppy in the house who needs TV. I can watch pups all day long!!
We were puppy walkers for the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind for a few years and just loved to have the pups around and teach them the basics. They learn so fast if you be consistent, it's amazing! :0)
The picture of Rowan and the puppy is adorable!

Unknown said...

Thanks Sue, we are having so much fun~ it has been a decade since I had a puppy and dh has never has one, so we are all enjoying it. DH often says he'd like to volunteer for the guide dogs, too!

Christie Cottage said...

Beautiful daughter and Archie is pretty too!

Have fun!

Almay Alday said...

They look like bestfriends! So adorable!

LeelaBijou said...

Sooooo cute!

libu said...

I have a herding dog too... got him at 5 months.. he showed the herding instincts like yours// I didnt even need to be knowlegeable about herding dogs, it was so obvious... very cute!

Linda said...

What beautiful photos, you have a wonderful blog!

Unknown said...

Thanks, all :)

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