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Friday, 24 July 2009
I think that it is impossibly sweet that my almost-4 year old has a romantic attachment to the idea of being married. Mostly to me or her Daddy. And when the thought occurs to her, she asks us to do the 'married dance' with her (somewhere along the line, wedding photo album, I suspect, she got the idea that dancing happens at weddings and this became the substance of a wedding)~ holding hands and dancing together.

Today, she joined me as I lead a wedding rehearsal and she was enthralled with being so close to the real thing. What surprised me, was how teary eyed *I* became watchingt he bride and her mother come down the aisle, with my hand resting on my own daughter's head and feeling all the feelings of that mom and her 30 year old baby.

After the rehearsal, Rowan found her stash of play rings left in my office, and conveniently, we were married. She declared that everyone would see her on the street and know she was married (that would be one explanation for the twirly skirt + tutu + uncombed hair + glamour bracelets and rings in abundance, I suppose).

While walking home in our newly married state, she announced,
"I will have a baby in a sec."
"Yes, I am going to have three babies" (down from her long held plan of seven), "but only have one so far."
"Well, we *were* just married" I noted.
"Yes, but we only have one because we didn't do the married dance more times."


OK, I know she has *no* idea what she is talking about and made a lucky, if off the mark, guess.
And you'll understand that I told her that this is TRUE and that she will not do the married dance with anyone until she is at least 25 and has an education?

After all, that rule goes hand in hand with the 'you cannot have a tattoo until you are 30 and know what kind of work you want to do for a living' ~ which we established *last* week.


Stitched by St├ęphanie said...

oh so cute!!!! I loved this story. I didn't see it coming at all... and I'm sure you didn't either. Oh the things they say and do! LOL

Luisa said...

Totally priceless! How gorgeous!

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