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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Saturday, 11 July 2009
Natural toys allow a child's hands to touch and feel nature's wonder within their grasp. Today I wanted to share some of the wooden delights created by the Natural Kids Team on Etsy (search: naturalkids team for copious natural delights!).

Made of the ultimate renewable resource, all of these toys are dyed or painted with non-toxic colours and sealed safely (many with natural oils or beeswax). They are safe, tough and beautiful and the variety is endless!

Reading left to right...
1. Mama Roots
2. You're Inspired
3. Imagination Kids
4. Maple Shade Kids
5. Wee Wood Naturals
6. Pretty Dreamer
7. Mama Kopp
8. Beneath the Rowan Tree
9. The Fairy Ring


germandolls said...

sweet post! I love all the color here! Love, Ulla

prettydreamer said...

thank you so much for the lovely post!!

FairiesNest said...

Such sweet goodness!

mamakopp said...

awww Lori you sweety. Thanks. Big hugs to you!

mrsbeccijo said...

Lovely collction, thats for adding my fairies as the chat over the clothsline!

Wee Wood Natural Toys said...

Beautiful post, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

such a sweet feature! many thanks!

Term papers said...

sweet post! I love all the color here! Love,

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