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Tuesday, 1 September 2009
My daughter has a tendency towards the dramatic.
Not often, but when she turns it on...
She also has a tendency to form strange and deep emotional attachments.
Remember the fish mat?

This time it was a 500 ml bottle of vinegar.
White vinegar (if it matters).

She snatched it from the shelf while grocery shopping.
Considering that I keep large bottles of vinegar at home at all times (dyeing), we didn't need it and while saying so, I returned the bottle to the shelf.

Big mistake.

The tears, the wailing, the anguished cries of "MY VINEGAR!" poured out of my 4 year old.

I calmly rolled the cart forward and continued my shopping, patting her back and consoling her in this great loss.

Once the initial shock wore off, she began to seek vinegar everywhere.
Every food I put in the cart was greeted with demands of "is it vinegar? is it made WITH vinegar? Read the label!!"~ all said through sobs of sorrow but with a testy edge.
Vinegar cookies. Check.
Vinegar peaches. Check.
Vinegar margerine. Check.

When we reached the clothing section (yes, in the grocery store!) where I was planning to grab her a pair of indoor shoes for school I had to crack open the vinegar toilet paper to wipe her nose. And then she proceeded to try on ONLY those shoes which I solemnly swore were made of vinegar. Who knew they only use vinegar in *pink* footwear, not blue?

Now, I give her credit for her commitment to the drama.
I really do.
And I give myself credit for patience under fire!
I was even smiling when I walked out of that store and presented Rowan (with a flourish) with her very own drinking box of vinegar (orange) juice.


Sharon said...

Your daughter is surely a riot and your description of her antics is so funny! I laughed until the cat came running to see what was up!

You should try to capture some of her little dramatizations on video.(I'm sure she and a future fiancé would love seeing them.)

prettydreamer said...

Hurray!! Well done - what a great save!!

Unknown said...

heehee those videos would be some powerful leverage!

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