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Friday, 2 October 2009
My husband is starting a new business ~ after a year at home and 15+ years before that in journalism, he has 'retired' (haha) and begun anew. Great Bear Garment & Graphic is locally based with a shop in town but intentions to sell online as well.

The coolest part (other than a busy husband (yay!) is that the shop front needs some items to help bring in foot traffic. Say no more! I have been gleefully collecting work by some of my favourite artisans to help fill the shelves with handmade toys and gifts for kids.

I am just waiting for Andy to add the 'Featuring Beneath the Rowan Tree Natural Handmade Toys & Gifts' to the door with his fancy schmancy vinyl cutter.

In the meantime, waiting for vinyl declarations and mail, we have been painting. Going with a woodland theme (in vogue but also very suitable to our location!), we are pleased with the transformation so far.

The shop is located in a former optometrists office~ hence the many glass shelves and giant mirror!


Dingy yellow, sort of. And all these laminated poles. What to do?

Add colour of course! A couple Muskoka chairs and plans for wildlife (vinyl, of course).

Not After, but part way through:

I am really happy with the change so far... and all those darn posts actually work well with the birch trees... now to paint the chairs and stock those shelves with toys and all of Andy's printed goodies.


Tan Family said...

Looks fantastic! Good luck with this transformation, and enjoy the artistic side of the decorating!

elsie said...

FABUlous! I love the direction this space is taking - can't wait to see the finished product!

Sue said...

Wow that looks great! Love the birches on hat background!! :0)

Krystyna81 said...

LOVE the red! awesome choice w/ the birch trees

Charlene said...

Wow! That looks great! Can't wait to see completed pictures.

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