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Friday, 9 October 2009
Fall is my favourite season~ that rich blue sky, crisp air and even the darkening afternoons feed my creativity and my soul. And fall in Northern Ontario is simply glorious.

Yesterday afternoon, Rowan and I made a special trip with my mom, 'Grandma' to a lovely spot in our community. An uphill hike through the trees, along a mossy path that resonates with the richness of the undergrowth, the hollow spaces created by the tangles of roots and rich humus causing every step to sound like a kettle drum resounding beneath us.

At the top of the hill is the 'Lookout'~ a sharp drop in the rocks overlooks miles of treed highlands rich in the throes of autumn glory. Afraid of heights the Lookout makes my knees a little wobbly, but my daughter and her grandmother had no such reservations about exploring the edges and natural steps in the rock along the edge.

While they wandered, I went deeper in to the woods in search of acorns~ having had great luck with this location last year. I couldn't find a single new acorn. A few old ones from last year, gone to ground, but nothing new, despite the prevalent oak trees. We couldn't decide if this meant a light winter coming and no seeds had developed/ fallen or a heavy winter to come and the squirrels had gathered them all in readiness!As we climbed back down to the narrow, barely visible entry to the path from the road, we stopped for Grandma and Rowan to climb the large fallen tree which crossed the path (and which Ro insists looks like a scary crocodile). A coupel of worried moments about getting Grandma down, but all was well and we came home with a nice collection of leaves, too!

CRAFT IDEA: Today we waxed our leaves with wax paper & the iron and mounted them on pages, looked up their specific species and Rowan practiced her writing by adding their names to the pages of her leaf book.

We also used the leaves to do rubbing with crayons and create personal place mats for Thanksgiving dinner this weekend.


Sue said...

Oh *sniff* how I miss Canada.......*sniff* :0(
We had 32C today with humidity 38C !!! Disgusting!

Have a wonderful fall , enjoy beautiful Ontario and Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

That is awful Sue! Come home!

Thanks for the wishes!

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