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Wednesday, 14 October 2009
"Can I have more cake?"
"No, you had two pieces."
"But I am still hungry!"
"Then eat some turkey you left on your plate."
"But I want icing!"
"Well, put some on your turkey."

That's how we roll in my family.

I could have intervened.
The Good Mother who lurks inside me *wanted* to intervene when the acid green icing from the dinosaur cake (so chosen by the four year old for her 24 year old aunt and uncle) was spread on the turkey meat by grandma and given to grandchild.

But then, I reconsidered.

If said child is going to survive in my birth family, she is going to have to eat her turkey with icing, both figuratively and literally.
If you make a claim, you follow through, because your bluff *will* be called.
Every time.
And you cannot back down.
You eat the mouthful of hot horseradish, you smell the feet fresh from the workboots for a dime, you stand in the street with your nightgown on and you get served last night's hot dogs for breakfast because you entered a standoff about eating/ not eating them**.

So when my family gets together and you say you want icing on turkey, you know you are going to get it.
And I figured it was about time she learned.
And she ate it.
And she liked it.
Or if she didn't she knew enough to eat it with a big smile, anyway.

**incidents depicted are all true, $10 is still owing for the horseradish, and none of them involve my parenting of my child!**


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Glad it's not just at MY house!

Sharon said...

Just thinking. . .

1) Rowan probably liked the turkey with icing.

2) The $10 horseradish bet should be paid.

Jennifer said...

she's developing a complex palate!

Niki said...

Turkey with icing... sounds like a new Thanksgiving staple to me! :-P

Babamoon said...

LOL my sons 2 and he's doing that to me already!

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