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Tuesday, 30 March 2010
Our Sheltie puppy is a dream! Sweet, gentle and very attached. He has never so much as chased a blowing leaf. It is a joy to be outdoors with him because he stays close and is attentive and ever mindful of his herd (Rowan and I).

Last fall, we talked a little bit about having him spook the Canada Geese that make a menace of themselves along the lakeshore for our neighbours~ knowing that herding dogs are sometimes used for bird control at golf courses and airports. A few forays along the shore in early evening scared off the geese, but winter came to soon to know if it was effective.

Today we wandered down to the lakeshore (to splash about a bit since the water is at a record low for spring and there is a lot of bare mud and puddles!).As we arrived, there was a blur on my right... Archie off like a shot after the geese on the water (to be fair they were standing as much as they were floating the lake is so low!). My 'never run away' dog was out to sea and we didn't know how we would get him if he got into trouble (brrr! the ice is still out there!)~ those geese are as big or bigger than him!We figured he'd stop when he had to swim~ here he is out standing in his 'field' watching his flock, what a good little herder!
He did come back in, very self-satisfied, at that!Rowan gave him a stern talking to (she was very concerned about her 'little brother'):
And he did stop on each following attempt, returning when his name was called (gosh, he is a good boy!). The neighbours who witnessed his work are cheering him on, and I do believe we will make a point of strolling the shoreline for a while in the evening in hopes that the presence of a diligent goose herding dog will be such a nuisance that the plentiful geese will seek easier, more peaceful shores for their nesting this spring.
And maybe if Archie gets his herding fix on the water he will stop nipping Rowan's behind and following me about the house holding one of my pant legs in his teeth. All. The. Time.


FairiesNest said...

I love the shot of Rowan giving Archie a stern talking to. So cute!

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