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Sunday, 4 April 2010
...and by 'old fashioned' I mean the way we did it when we were kids!  A cardboard package of PAS dyes and stickers!

Since I tried to sell my sister on the fact that today is the beginning of the 50 day season of Easter, and not its culmination (*oops* my theological training is showing!) in order to justify our family's late entry into the decor of the season, I am sticking with it.  I would like to play with some natural dyes (onion skins, grass and the like) if we can find some time this spring.  But for today, at the end of a very busy Holy Week and a very early Easter morning (sunrise over the lake, gathered community, early morning birdsong *bliss*) PAS fit the bill.

To further highlight my lack of preparation for this Easter tradition, all we had in the house were brown eggs~ Rowan has a recent preference for them, although I protest the fact that the grocery store charges more for brown eggs.  And we can't have chickens in town. But I digress. 

We actually found that the brown eggs dyed up beautifully and they look so pretty sitting, all speckly and richly coloured, on our nature table waiting for the Easter Bunny to visit tonight (by special arrangement, allowing for our church schedule!). We followed our dyeing session with a Goose Walk with Archie (patrolling the beach) and the discovery of a cool little hideaway along the shore where we are planningt o picnic tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

(Rowan is pictured here wearing her Sugar Smock from Sweet Marmalade~ we love this all purpose smock for painting, crafts and even as a big girl bib when needed. Two sets of snaps on the back give it lots of room to grow with your little one. )

Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter!


Lindsay RC Wilson said...

If you do decide to do natural dyes sometime (even next year), asherjasper from Etsy had this post on her Facebook!/photo.php?pid=3693457&id=99872006169. She is another needle felter. I love the comments of ideas for others as well.

Unknown said...

awesome! thanks Lindsay!

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

One more...I got an email from (the kitchen part of Apartment Therapy) and they had info too.

I guess I am kind of lucky that I am celebrating late. The little one doesn't know any different and I couldn't get it together this weekend. But, since I am overseas, I couldn't find egg dye, so this is my solution. Off to buy some veggies.

Unknown said...

Necesity is the mother of invention, right? please link me up if you take pics, I'd love to see! (School messes with our ability to celebrate whenever we want LOL)

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