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Saturday, 24 April 2010
Today, Puppy turned 5.

Well, not really.  You see, Puppy has birthdays all the time. Often triggered by invitations to real birthday parties. Sometimes he is older, sometimes younger.  He has a lot of birthdays and a resume of jobs, personalities, species and genders that would rival most international spy's.  He is our own international Dog of Mystery: race car driver, dinosaur, teacher, protector, hyena hunter and constant companion. Most days lately he is a boy all day and a girl all night, but always keeps the pronoun 'he'.  Puppy keeps busy these days attending school.  He has had two unplanned sleepovers in Rowan's school cubby~ he didn't mind but Rowan was devastated (even Mommy cried the first time!).

You can read about Puppy's arrival in our lives and his prominent place of honour HERE.

At the present time, Puppy is in desperate need of a bath.  Rowan protests this by saying that she LOVES his smell (and I believe she does) and that if we wash him, Puppy won't know himself and will be very upset and lost. I think it is time for a little espionage and intrigue of my own~ a quick wash and redress (currently dressed in a red heart dress and velour leggings stolen from the Waldorf doll I gave her for Christmas 2 years ago that she rejected and gave to me, naked, having stolen all Sarah's clothes for Puppy) and return to bed might work. You think?

Anyway, Happy Birthday Puppy, you're a grand old dog and we love you.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Puppy (no matter which birthday day you're celebrating)!!!!!

My Benjamin has a beige doggie named Bark...his ears are flat & furless from when they used to be sucked on & nuzzled (and I suspect that occasionally--even though Benjamin is five--they may still be!)

Hee hee.

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