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Wednesday, 21 April 2010
Today, on our way home from music class, Rowan and I passed a field of llamas.
And without any forethought, I began to sing the song my stepsister and I composed some 25 years ago.
I couldn't believe how it all came back: echoes, dance moves and final 'boom' (wait for it).
Apparently, my daughter is officially old enough to laugh at me.

If you had some money, what would you do?
If I had some money, here's what I'd do!
I'd buy a llama, oh, I'd buy a llama,
That's what I'd do.
(bridge: rock feeling) 
I'd walk it! (walk it)
And feed it! (feed it)
And take it down the Queen E*
I wouldn't care if people made fun of me
I wouldn't care if they said I was weird,
I wouldn't care!
I wouldn't cah-ay-are.
The llama...
*the Queen Elizabeth Way in southern Ontario ~ the highway travelled to pick up and drop of the step sibs.

We  performed that number on video, at family birthday parties... in harem pants and puffy teased bangs, with rubber bangles and long pearls and white lipstick. And always the big 'BOOM' (?!?!) at the end.

Isn't it funny the way that memory works and the things we retain?  I wonder if 25 years from now Rowan will be able to sing 'Girls Don't Toot' when memory is triggered?


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