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Wednesday, 7 April 2010
Rowan always asks me when I am making something if it is 'to keep' or 'to mail'.  It is usually like the cobbler's children around here... they wore old shoes and at our house all the new toys go out the door.  This is part of the reason I try to schedule in breaks from my shops several times a year, to leave some creative space for our home projects.

This last break I tried a number of new projects (I am an inveterate dabbler).

I did *not* get around to the patchwork skirt in black and white I need to make to replace Rowan's 'party skirt' from 2 years ago, which she still wears but it is becoming immodestly short (it remains unmade mostly because I lack a serger and the first one I made like this nearly did me in with the loose threads and trimming and finishing seams...) and I did not get her sundress made (how sweet is this?!) with my coveted stash of My Folklore fabric. And I didn't finish the banner we made our own fabric prints for (pattern from the Purl Bee).
 BUT I did make a wicked cool horse. The pattern is from Woolhalla who was quick to send our PDF.  I found the pieces fit nicely together but I seemed to lack the coordination to place the wire frame, stuff and stitch all at once ~ I think my next one will be better, but this one is already well loved because she was 'made to keep'.
 'Rainbow' is made with two shades of brown wool eco felt.  Stuffed with natural wool fiber.  Her wire frame is braided picture wire (too soft, really) and she has a jaunty trotting look because one front leg is shorter than the other! Her mane & tail are made with 'Piper' yarn from Hippy Pippy (I adore this colorway!). She stands about 4" tall at the shoulder, and in consulting her horse book, Rowan has declared Rainbow is a Canadian Horse. So she shall be.


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