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Thursday, 29 April 2010
Sometimes I forget that silk is a luxury fabric.
Making children's toys and dress up wear out of the stuff, and loving it for its durability as much as for its beauty, it is easy to forget that not everyone views silk as playstuff.
 I have just completed my second wholesale order for a Canadian designer boutique in Vancouver, BC.  The winter scarves were to-die-for fabrics like silk satin and the divine charmeuse (butter, I tell you, like butter!) and the current spring/ summer batch are my first foray into the gauzy, dreamy world of silk chiffon.  It does make my dear habotai playsilks feel like plough horses next to thoroughbreds!

The way the chiffon absorbs and softens the light as it passes through makes me happy. So I thought I would share.


Monica said...

Oh my gosh Lori....those are stunning. I wear my "winter weight" one *all the time*.....but, these are so tempting for a summer time silk! The colors are so gorgeous....they are like gossamer wings......I am in love.

Unknown said...

Thanks Monica :) I will admit to playing with them, they just drape so nicely... a summer wedding with a sundress.... fun stuff!

Unknown said...

Daybreak!! Iced green tea!!

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