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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010
One of our most popular toys for spring and summer is the Twirligig™.  My favourite feature is the fact that it requires movement to work!

Our Twirlers at home go on walks and bike rides and work well for dragon fire (Rowan's last Halloween costume), dance accessories, magic wands and so much more.

Grownups love them, too.  In fact, they can't resist. And I know of more than one mom who has sheepishly admitted how much fun *she* has dancing about with her child's toy.

From our listings:
Twirligigs!™ are all natural active fun for children of all ages.

Start with a hand dyed silk streamer (11 x 60"~ that's 5' long!). Coordinate with a hand painted and sealed (water based, non-toxic sealant) wand (approx/ 12" long). Use quality hardware. Put it in the hands of a child...

Run, jump, dance, spin... this toy calls for action and energy! Got busy kids? These won't work unless they move, sneaky, huh?

We use high quality silk with hand rolled hems. We have chosen this length for our streamers as we found that the narrower/ longer streamers tended to trip up children and get tramped on much more often. This size is very easy to untangle when spinning and the hardware cannot be removed by a child. Suitable for all ages. Young children should be supervised as with all long items that can tangle around them.
Twirlers currently come in about 12 standard designs (not all pictured below) with customs always possible.
Check out the Silk Toy section of the Etsy shop.


Carrie said...

I love our Twirligig! It's a heavily used toy around here. Though probably 50% of the time, the twirligig stays in timeout since my girls haven't mastered sharing yet. I think the answer is a new twriligig for Stellar's birthday!

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