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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Monday, 5 April 2010
Each day of the week has an associated colour, planet and grain.

One of my favourite projects is the BTRT sets of Day of the Week felted gnomes which I stock as I am able to complete them.

Over the next while I am going to feature handmade, natural items that would be wonderful to help mark the rhythm of the week at home with your little ones.  Many of the items come from members of Etsy's Natural Kids Team (search: naturalkids team).

Monday is Violet.
By including violet in the play area and home, we can help children learn to mark the days by their associated colour.
How about a lovely window star from Harvest Moon By Hand?
I love everything in Nushkie's shop~ so soft and appealing:
I would like a pair of these sweet organic pants in my size please (by Hand Full):
I can vouch for the popularity of Imagination Kids' twirlybirds in our home:
And a super easy way to help make your Monday so very violet? Playsilks, of course!  Violet is one of my favourite dyes to work with because it *always* surprises and brings such cool variations to the fabric evry time.
 Happy Monday!

I never saw a purple cow;
I never hope to see one;
but I can tell you anyhow;
I'd rather see than be one!  Gelett Burgess, 1895.


Rebecca said...

Love the violet post-- thank you for including hand full. BTW-- our sister site has yoga pants for adults-- I'm sure we could do them in crocus for you!

Great Blog!

Unknown said...

Thanks Rebecca, will check it out... but I would have to choose between a hoodie for my little one and pants for me LOL Great work!

Anonymous said...

So pretty!! Love the gnomes and all the purple!

Anonymous said...

So pretty!! Love the gnomes and all the purple!

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