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Wednesday, 19 May 2010
What a beautiful day.

Our lilacs are blooming so early for this region thanks to the early spring, and the air is fragrant with their scent.  I am so allergic at this time of year, but I have all the windows open to fill the house with the smell of lilacs.
As we took the dogs out for a run after dinner I noticed the lilac bush (in need of a serious post-bloom pruning this year!) was fluttering with butterflies (and more than a few bumblebees!).

Can you spot one butterfly in the first picture and 3 or more in the next?
After the dogs had a splash and run, we snapped some pictures in the purple blooms spreading across our backyard.  I'd love to know what they are (anyone?) they spread each year and are so lovely in their three shades of purple to pink.  I'm glad we took some pictures, since Andy mowed them all down with the lawn about an hour later. Sigh.
And the dogs had a good time, too. Although it is sad to see the old fellow failing so much... he kept going out to fetch a stick and then forgetting what he was doing and just standing confused in the lake.
Sweet old Boo.


woolies said...

Which one is Boo? We have a boo too, she will be 3 this summer.

Unknown said...

Boo is the Brittany Spaniel ~ the old guy in the lower left... he is actually Briar but he is so easily spooked by well, life, he is almost always called Boo! LOL

cypress said...

Oh how I treasure that little window of time in spring when the lilacs are blooming! Ours have already come and gone here in Tennessee, so I am enjoying yours via these lovely photos :)
Your mystery flowers by the way look like creeping phlox to me...

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