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Monday, 17 May 2010
(You have to say that title in the Crazy Old Man from the Simpson's voice when he says "Can your grandfather do this? Hai! Hai! Hai (karate chop)" and if you can't, well...)

So, a few weeks ago, Rowan brought me one of her My Little Pony (hey, how do you pluralize that?!)(and yes, you can kick me out of the club for natural toys, she has a couple ponies given as gifts LOL) and informed me that what was great about it was that it would never break. Wow.

I figured my 4 year old would not care that it would also never break down, and instead sit in a landfill site for generations. Or that her version of the My Little Pony with their weird pinched non-horsey faces are an offense to those of us who grew up with the 'real' thing. But I digress.

It would never break. Hmmm.

So, I took the challenge and made a pony (needlefelted wool).
This pony won't break, either. 
It actually looks like a horse.
It will warm up in little hands at play.
It's hair is real animal hair, not poly thread.
It will bend and move (being made with a poseable wire frame).
It is soft and natural and made of materials that will return to the earth.
It is one of a kind and handmade.
It does not come in a mountain of plastic packaging.
OK, it doesn't have a tattoo on its rear. I'll admit that.
But I ask....
Can your pony do this?! Hai! Hai! Hai! (karate chop)
Take that MLP.


Chandra said...

That is AWESOME!!

Kristin said...

I love it!!! We have lots of MLPs around here... *sigh* I'm a horse lover and I don't like that MLPs don't look remotely like real horses. I tried to ban all PVC toys from our house, but that failed. :-( Anyway, your needlefelted pony is FANTASTIC! It's so much more realistic.

RosedaleTimes said...

Gorgeous! @Kristin, I tried to ban PVC/loudly colorful plastics too, but I failed a long time ago and my daughter isnt yet 2. I think the "The Graduate" generation just started a love affair with plastics we can't shake. Ah well.

That horse is majestic!

Nova said...

she's fantastic! what was Rowan's verdict though?

Heather said...

Amazing! And you know - it could have a tatoo on it's rear - lol. Careto sharehow you made it?

angelina said...

its beautiful, and real, well done!

Ariella said...

I love this! Are you selling these? Where can I get one?!!

Unknown said...

Thanks :) I have always avoided using wire frames, or have tried and not been happy with them, but this one I liked. I wrapped and felted wool (needle felting)around the wire frame twisted for spine, legs and neck. And just worked the wool and wire together into the form. The hair is done with wool locks felted like crazy into the 'scalp'.

This little gal is actually going to be for sale at my 3rd anniversary stocking May 26th on Hyena Cart. Rowan likes her fine, but is more enamoured with her rainbow felted horse I made last month :)

Kim said...

Your horse is so cute. :) We have lots of MLPs but none are the weird looking newer ones. My 5 year old's are all vintage MLPs, most at least 20 years old! My mother saves everything so most of her plastic toys have at least had a long life! I try to ask for wood and natural toys but my family mostly thinks I'm nuts!

Kristin said...

Do you have to use a wire frame for a figure like that? Could you do it without?

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