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Wednesday, 26 May 2010
We have been working on establishing a Fairy Garden for the summer, and it has been lots of fun and lots of learning, too!
Rowan (age 4.5) decided that our fairy tree (Burning Bush) needed some fairy windchimes to make music for the fairies. So we made some!

  • assorted beads
  • small jingle bells
  • wire (picture hanging, household, anything at all) fine enough for the beads OR needle/ thread.
  • miniature wooden flowerpots
  • paints, shells, stones, glitter etc. optional to customize

Adapt as suits your needs and child(ren)~ you could lengthen the craft by decorating the flower pots in advance.  You could use a needle and thread or leather or plastic cord in place of the wire.

1) Cut wire to desired lengths + 1". We cut to 6". Use 3-4 pieces per windchime.
2) Thread wires through the small opening in the flowerpot and twist together to make a hanging loop. This will leave you with a hoop to hang from and a spray of wires coming out of the mouth of the flowerpot.

3) Thread beads onto one wire at a time, leaving half of the wire length to fold back and twist around itself.  Alternately, leave enough wire to thred through the last/ bottom bead twice to secure the beads. Finish off each wire before proceeding to the next.  Add bells as desired with your beads.

4) Straighten and arrange your wires for maximum jingle.
5) Hang for the fairies to enjoy! Leave them a sweet snack or some honey water, too.
Have fun!


Kristin said...

Such a cute idea! We might have to do that this summer too. :-)

Counting Coconuts said...

What a clever idea!

Rachel Soumokil said...

This is such an adorable idea. :-) Will have to save for springs crafting.

rachel [at] copiousgypsy [dot] com

Sherri said...

This is adorable! And such a cute idea to add to your fairy garden. I actually posted about the fairy garden we started too. Now I am off to check out your post on yours. My almost 4 yo is loving ours.

Jill @ A Mom With A Lesson Plan said...

An entire fairy garden??? What a fun idea. I think I had better explore your site a bit=)

Tami said...

So cute!

I’d love it if you shared this with the Fun Family Crafts audience.
FFC is similar to Craftgawker but it only features kid friendly tutorials.

Looking forward to seeing what fun crafts you submit!

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