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Wednesday, 12 May 2010
Rowan and I have begun planning for our first fairy garden.  We are having so much fun dreaming up all the ways we can create an inviting fairy habitat for the summer season.  While she dreams of cupcakes and jewels left out for sparkle-and-sweet loving fairies, I am assessing the practicalities of what will grow well in our northern region, as well as what will stand up to wind, rain and childish play for the season.
Given that we should wait a few more weeks for planting, we are slowly pulling together the bits and pieces that will fill out our garden.  We are using a 30" long/ 6" high/ 8" wide wrought iron plant stand as it is just the right height for Rowan to stand and play and garden and is large enough (although a little narrow!) for a diverse landscape.  My main concern is finding a place with appropriate light where it won't be blown over.  Must think on this!

As Rowan was home sick today, we did a little painting in preparation, starting with 'Forget-Me-Not Cottage' (#9)~ painted by mama, designed by Rowan.  I also painted some drawer pull toadstools while Rowan turned wooden checkers into platters (or stepping stones?) and painted milk cans.  She decided the milk cans would contain important and valuable fairy stores.  Of course, there is Banana Dip (?) and Blue Milk (which makes me think of the horrible movie~ B movies being my husband's hobby~ Troll 2 in which the people drink Nilbog milk... and yes, Nilbog is 'goblin' spelled backwards... in a movie called 'Troll') which comes from the now-extinct blue cows (who died of ill treatment from the farmer).  And honey and rainbow ostrich (yes, the meat~ I couldn't make this stuff up!).
All of the painted pieces have been sealed with non-toxic outdoor polyurethane glaze top protect them from the elements and hopefully the moisture of the garden bed.
Our next task is to start the moss growing for the main play area in the garden~ however where there is moss, there are VERY hungry blackflies at this time of year, so I am dreading the outing.  I will likely go alone, DEET myself (yes, it is that bad) and dash out for some moss and home for a detoxifying shower.  Or maybe see if Home Depot sells moss. Yes, that sounds MUCH better!


Niki said...

How unbelievably cute! I LOVE the little toadstool drawer pulls! I may have to make some just to sit on my desk. Lol. And the little food container names are priceless! Ha!

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