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Saturday, 22 May 2010
We planted our Faiy Garden!
Rowan is is diligently watering it every day (so much so in fact, I have to restrain her for fear of washing away the not-yet-rotted moss).

We filled our cedar barrel with enriched potting soil and black earth and mixed them up together.
Then we chose the site for each plant, keeping in mind where we wanted to place such landmarks as the house and the pond.  We started with the tree (Rowan planted her first tree, she was very proud!), and followed with the plants and finally placed our moss all around like a jigsaw puzzle, fitting in the pieces.

Next came the house (Forget-Me-Not Cottage, #9), and the small metal bowl for the pond.  We considered glass as it would look more natural, but knowing my daughter's love of water play and the fact that we were adding rocks, I figured something non-breakable would be wiser. We set the bowl into the soil, and added some stones to keep it in place and hide the metallic bottom.
Last came the stone path, which enabled us to move some of the moss around to areas that need it more (we were a little short).
And now we are giving the Garden some time to take root and get established before we add further items.  We will need to be sure to tidy up after play so as not to leave anything on the moss bed that would deprive it of light for too long.
Coming soon: How to Make a Fairy Windchime.


Chandra said...

I LOVE that! I bet your daughter will have hours of play with it. How fun!

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