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Saturday, 1 May 2010
Our little guy turns one today!  It feels like he has been part of our family forever.
We have plans to make a cake and I am guessing hot dogs might be on the menu for dinner, since Rowan wants something Archie can have, too.

The day we brought Archie home. Sigh, sweet puppy breath!

At 6 months. We thought he was hairy then!
Best buddies.
 Yes, he is amazingly hairy, and a little yappy (he is a Sheltie after all) but he is also everything I would dream of when thinking about a dog for my child.  He goes everywhere with Rowan, inside and out.  He herds her, and sometimes bites her bottom to keep her in line, it's true. But he also protects her and keeps a watchful eye on his 'lamb' at all times.  He walks her to the bus steps each morning and meets her after school. If she has her shoes on to leave the house, we have to watch Archie, because he will sneak past us and refuse to come back inside without her. 

Rowan fell at the top of the stairs yesterday and he barked his fool head off, running back and forth between us until I arrived (she was fine, just playing it up) and he even chased off the old boy, Briar, when he came to check things out.

So Happy Birthday, Little Man, we're glad to have you and to know you have Rowan's back!


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