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Tuesday, 4 May 2010
DONE ~ congrats to Samantha Martin!
We are giving away a silk a day for the whole month of May!
It may be big, it may be small, but it is 100% free!

The catch?  You must be a fan of Beneath the Rowan Tree on Facebook to win.
Today, May 4th, our giveaway is happening here on the blog, with the answer to be found on the blog.

The winner will be drawn at random from the comments 
on THIS blog post which include the answer and:
Facebook user name + email address where I can contact you for your info **
 Question:  What did Rowan name her 'Sunflower Spider'?

Prize: 35" Playsilk in a surprise colorway!
The winner will be chosen at 9 PM EST. 


Katherine said...

Charlotte, of course!

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

Rowan named her Sunflower Spider, Charlotte.

Lindsay Rae Cannon Wilson
lindsayrcwilson at gmail

Let's be honest, the random generator won't choose #1, but I was a little faster today.

Corinne said...

Charlotte, what other name COULD you give a spider??

Corinne Woods

Sara said...

Rowan named her spider Charlotte. :)
FB name: Sara Lazenby
email: ladygracesara at yahoo dot comi

Jessy said...

Charlotte. What else would you name a spider?

Jessy Burnett

Helena said...

Charlotte! :)

FB Name: Helena Liu

Terri said...

Rowan named the spider Charlotte!

Facebook username :Terri Meier

Chandra said...


FB user name: Chandra Allen

Anonymous said...


Bj Miller Ketterman
Homeskoolt @ msn . com

Glenaeon Class 3,2010 said...

Hi Rowan called the spider Charlotte
name:wendy phillis in Australia
thank you

Angela said...

Charlotte! I'd love one of those weavers by the way.

Angela Quaranta Baldi
amquaran @

Mary Grogan said...

Charlotte...what a cute name! :)

Mary Grogan
MunchkinWear on FB

Earth mama @ Inside My Heart said...


Sally Louk

Kristina said...

Rowan named it Charlotte. I love all the cute stories you share about her.

Kristina Pack Brown on FB

Heather said...


FB: Heather Da

lilgamoma said...

Rhonda Johnson on FB- been a fan for a while now! :)
I run J Tribe Creations on HC :)

lilgamoma said...

opps, forgot to answer the question! My bad, was a garden spider & named Charlotte. :)

Kim said...

Kimberly Meinen on FB

Charlotte the spider!

Unknown said...

Spider named charlotte :)

FB name: shari dupuis

shari.dupuis at

RosedaleTimes said...


Thank you for the Howitt quote, I had a little recital of it last night for my daughter and husband and we all enjoyed it!

-Danielle Anner

Nick Anner

Rae Blu said...

Charlotte! :)

Rae Blu on Facebook.

db said...

charlotte! i had a tarantula named charlotte when i was 8. :-)

deborah brandon on facebook
d brandon at saic dot edu

thank you so much for the chance to win. i would LOVE to try one of your silks!

Allison said...

Charlotte :)

Allison Spires Smith
aspires at ensotech dot com

Emily and Justin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily and Justin said...


nini02 said...

Charlotte! :)

Stephanie Ballard Butler

The Kimmons Family said...

arent all spiders names charlotte?

erin droege kimmons on facebook :)

teenbean31 said...

Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte!

Tina Shiplet Gammons

M said...

She named it Charlotte! :)

Melanie Chamberland
thatnewanimal @ gmail . com

Anonymous said...

Charlotte :)
Beautiful blog, so great to see a fellow Canadian!

Tanja MacKenzie on fb
tanja at

Unknown said...

Charlotte! (are there any other good spider names?) LOL
Samantha Martin

Mindful Mama said...


Margo B said...

she pointed at a tiny scribble in a bunch of lines and indicated it was a spider by making her itsy bitsy spider hand movement. Watching children learn and experience new things is truly amazing!

Margo Bulpitt

Nova said...

hi there, i know i'm too late for this one, but thought i might venture a cheeky question.. would you consider extending your blog comps in future to 24hrs for those of us in distant timezones? being so many hours ahead of you means your blog-based ones need answering during breakfast at the latest, and i don't think my kids would approve ;) just thought i could try asking :) thanks!!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone!!
My hubby chose the winning number (how is that for scientific?!).

Great point Nova! I appreciate the feedback! I will try and do some more HC drawings, too, as I can set the time on them.

Cheek is good :)

CONGRATS to Samantha Martin for today :)

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