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Sunday, 9 May 2010
(chosen by a random number generator)

We are giving away a silk a day for the whole month of May!
It may be big, it may be small, but it is 100% free!

The catch?  You must be a fan of Beneath the Rowan Tree on Facebook to win.
Today, May 9th, our giveaway is happening here on the blog.

The winner will be drawn at random from the comments 
on THIS blog post which include the answer and:
Facebook user name + email address where I can contact you for your info **
 Question:  Share a mommy anecdote~ touching, funny, embarrassing... you decide!  
Tell us one of your mommy memories or memories of your mom!

Prize: 35" Playsilk in our BRAND NEW 'Dawn' colorway.
(so new it isn't even pressed yet for photos!)
The winner will be chosen at noon EST on Monday.


organicmommy said...

My kids like to do things that are special and today it was funny because my oldest comes up to me and asked "do kids get presents on mothers day too?" oh to be so innocent and sweet. I love my kids!

Kristina said...

I'm a little embarassed that whenever my kids are asked what they like about me, they say my cooking. You'd think all I do is stuff their faces. lol. Surely hugs and kisses are better than my cooking.

FB - Kristina Pack Brown

FairyLover said...

My son was determined to give me breakfast in bed this morning. But since it is a couple of days before payday we are running out of many things. So I ended up with a wonderful breakfast of cold cereal and microwaved sausage. Yummy!

Unknown said...

Daisy came in and asked me, "Mommy, how many years have you been a mother?" and I said, "Um, as long as your sister has been alive..." lol

Rebecca Besbris (fb)
Faerierebecca everywhere else ;)

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite mommy moments is when I'm nursing my 7 month old daughter, and my 5 year old daughter comes over to hug my "milkies" and tells me how pretty they are! LOL.
FB username: Tori Prophet-Schlough
email addy: prophetmother at gmail dot com

Jessy said...

I heard DH tell my girls to come in and say Happy Mother's Day today. Kaylee (3) came in and said "Happy Birthday, Mommy. I have a baby in my belly!"

Jessy Burnett

Nova said...

my 4 year old daughter has recently taught herself to write, and seems to have quite a flair for it, my mothers day card yesterday said "happy mothers day. i am impress you are the best mum in the whole wide world!" lol i was rather 'impress' too! makes me wish my mum had lived long enough to meet my cute kiddos though...

and thanks heaps for leaving this one open a bit longer! you're a gem lori!!

FB- Nova Jackson

Holly said...

During our potty learning adventure I told my 2 year old to go pee on the potty. I then learned that to a toddler the difference between "in" and "on" is very, very big. He stood on top of the toilet with the lid down and peed off the side.
On the bright side, he is obedient.

FB Username hhannigan2
Holly Hannigan

Unknown said...

FB Name Shari dupuis
email shari.dupuis at

My mom and dad divorced when I was 11 and I lived with my dad. For a few years I didn't talk to my mom because my stepmom made it difficult to deal with the two households so I felt like I had to choose. When I moved out at 17 my mom and I became super close. One of my best memories is when we sat down one day and I apologised for the few years that we were not in each others lives. She in turn apolgised for a lot of things, including telling me how her biggest regret is leaving dad and leaving us kids behind. She figured we would have chosen to live with her. But because we had to watch our dad cry we chose to stay with him.. That was the first step to my mom becoming my best friend. Us opening up to each other was the best gift we could ever give or get. I love her dearly and I am so glad that I have her in my life.

Anonymous said...

Well mine is not mushy. have been having a trying time, quite stressed and yesterday my a daughter said "why don't you send me back" my heart aches will it ever get better.

RosedaleTimes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RosedaleTimes said...

I still consider myself a new mom, since my only daughter is just 20 months. We found out today though, that she has developed sensitivity to others feelings. My husband told her, "Mama should get hugs and kisses today because today is her special day." So my lovely girl took the time to process the info, clamber up the bed and wrap her sweet arms around me. Bestill my heart.


luvlieK - Kelly said...

Kelly M.

seventeenstone at gmail

I don't have any one thing. I just love being there for every moment and every funny thing he says and prank he pulls.

angelina said...

hi, i am a fb fan. my mom loves to tell stories of me sleepwalking as a kid.....embarassing to me!

Anonymous said...

Norah sang me Happy Birthday all day. She was a little confused it was mommies day just not her birthday!

FB:Natalie Obermoller

Jodi said...

There are so many great, funny, happy moments, but the most recent was giving birth to my 6th baby and seeing that she was a girl! We were fully expecting our 6th boy (even though we didn't find out...we just assumed) and were completely shocked! :)

Rae Blu said...

Rae Blu on FB. :)
rachel_corliss@yahoo dot com

I love that my first born is so incredibly sensitive and genuine. When I am tired, or stressed, or even just grouchy, she never fails to offer to scratch my back or brush my hair. <3

Unknown said...

Erin M
ekmaurer3 @

I love it when M just hugs me and loves me for being his mom. Nothing could be better than that.

angel love said...

This morning, my children went to their grandma and asked her to help them make Mother's Day special for me. All six of them (baby #7 was in bed with me) helped to make me breakfast in bed, and fixed a gift bag with earrings, a tea towel and 2 beautiful hand towels for a guest bathroom. They all jumped into bed with me and wished me a Happy Mother's Day. :) My heart melted. I am truly blessed.

Angelina Cooke - on fb
joyfulone at rogers dot com

deborah said...

recently my 19-month-old has been obsessed with my belly. i've had a hard time with accepting my body, ever since i was a little girl. my daughter has been lifting my shirt and leaning down--'MUH!'--to kiss my belly. i asked her if she remembered living in my belly when she was very very little and she said yes. i asked what it was like in there, and she said 'happy!' and kissed my belly again. i never thought that having a baby would help me feel better about my body, but my sweet baby loving my big belly is so moving to me, i've let go of a lot of the self-hatred surrounding my gut.

thanks for the chance to enter!

d brandon at saic dot edu

nicole said...

I think it is pretty funny that my daughter refers to
me as "Boobie" more than "Momma"... that girl has a one track mind :)

nicole said...

oops! facebook name is nicole atkins and email is

Lisa P said...

My favourite parental anecdote is a story about a laundry booboo I made. One day I had been not paying close attention and mixed in a bright red towel with some lights. Well, I pulled out of the laundry a very pink shirt with blue stripes that used to be white with blue stripes. I was sure my 16 year old step-son would be none-too-impressed but he shocked me by shouting in delight that he LOVES pink and as happy that it had been dyed. To my utter amazement, he was absolutely sincere and wore it until the pink faded to a lighter shade that he didn't like as well. To this day, I wonder if he did it to spare my feelings as I was worried that I had ruined his shirt - or if he really loves pink. But if it was a ruse, he's kept it up well ever since...

Facebook Name: Lisa Papez
Email is oblivia77 at gmail dot com

Veritas Academy said...

My favourite mama moments are when my kiddos love to look back through pictures I have taken of them. I love how they laugh at the funny ones and that they always seem to spark "Remember when . . ." stories.

- Kristin

Kate said...

This is a funny mom story about me when I was little and a gift I gave to my mom.....I decided to make her a recipe book, so I started writing out recipes the way I remembered them. The best was the recipe for chocolate chip cookies: "1 cup sugar, 1 cup flour, a thing of butter, 4 eggs, and a LOT chocolate chips" All in my little kid handwriting. My mom still has that one in her recipe binder!!


Facebook: Kate Secondo
Email: k8secondo at yahoo dot com

frugalmom said...

my mother's day was full of mothering first gift was being vomited on at 6 am and the kids are succumbing one by one to the virus that just hangs on. But it was still a great day, and my hubby ensured that I got a good nap in the afternoon!
fb name: monique driggs butler

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