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Friday, 7 May 2010
There is a lovely natural park near our town. It is high above the lake with a gorgeous vantage point and the distinction of being absolutely blanketed with trilliums at this time of year.  However, at this time of year, the blackflies reign supreme.

This is our fourth year living here and the first in which we have been able to really enjoy, heck, even visit, the park while the trilliums are in bloom.  We have tried.  And each year we have been soundly whomped by the flies who send us running back to our vehicle in under a minute, nursing bloody bites.

This year we won, with the help of Mother Nature's very early spring which has allowed the tilliums to bloom before the worst of the blackfly season. It took them a whole five minutes to find us this year and we were able to stay out for about 25 minutes before they began to bite. A triumph!
Be yourself:
Rowan loves to take pictures...
And I love the textures...
That will be it for our spring explorations for a few weeks, until the 'darning needle' dragonflies reappear to snack on the blackflies!


Sue said...

Oh, Trilliums! I have not seen any since we left Ontario years ago.
Thank you for sharing the pictures! :0)
...and black flies.....those little buggers I don't miss at all.
Funny , our boys and I just talked about them a few days ago and sang the black fly song.Do you know the black fly short film from the national film board?

Kristina said...

Oh so beautiful! I'm glad you got to enjoy them a bit this year.

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