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Tuesday, 18 May 2010
...for we do, indeed, gather moss.
Although, I think Rowan's moves maybe could rival Mick Jagger's!

Today we gathered the moss for our fairy garden.
We used a small trail here in town in hopes of avoiding the worst of the nasty bitey bugs and we were in luck~ the wind was strong and the force was with us and we gathered enough moss to carpet our garden.

Rowan was in charge of the camera ~ I love seeing what captures her interest and seeing it through her eyes:
The lemon was a tad out of place, but we had a good giggle, since we watched this Bollywood video on YouTube recently 'Nimbooda' (lemon).

We particularly sought out the mosses that were thriving in the late afternoon sun, as our garden will be so positioned on the porch.  A spoon, a sharp eyed kid and gentle steps through the undergrowth yeilded a nice harvest.  We were careful to take only small bits from each site to avoid harming the diversity or the overall growth.  Now to see which ones will take root and grow (we figure they can grow during the bug season and be ready for play when it is safe to go outside again (have I mentioned that I detest the blackflies?!).
We made our choices (from a limited selection!) for our plants in the garden.  We are using a 'Burning Bush' (euonymus) shrub for its smaller scale and with the intention of transplanting it in the fall so that it can continue its life once it outgrows our small scale garden.  We also snagged some teeny Hens and Chicks, Rosemary (my favourite herb, although our climate is a bit harsh for it here) and one more rock garden plant (name escapes me) to try and keep with the smallness of our fairy space.  We also chose to upgrade to a cedar barrel as our intended planter has a bad habit of tipping over (and we get a lot of wind off the lake) and wasn't large enough for any of the small shrubs.
Next step, to plant!


TwigandToadstool said...

What a terrific blog you have...happy fairy garden planting!!! We used shells, stones and all sorts of delightful little additions in was a JOY to see my daughter put it all together! Hope you post some pictures of the finished project!!
Happy Day

Unknown said...

Thanks Maureen :) We'll have more phots soon :)

Flowers said...

Being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog. keep on posting.

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